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Inspiration to Success!

People often ask me where the inspiration for the Brewzkey™ came from…

Several years ago during a particularly warm day of golf, my friends and I were following behind an extremely slow foursome. To help the time pass, we declared “beer time” and grabbed four cold ones out of the cooler. The problem was that no one had a bottle opener, and this prompted the question… Why?

Although my friends and I would never be caught without a bottle opener back in college, we were now at the age where we no longer wanted the typical bulky, gadgety, or toy-like opener on our key ring.

Since we had four beers getting warmer by the minute, I applied a little ingenuity and used my house key as leverage to pry off the bottle caps. This was the “flash of genius” and the inspiration for the Brewzkey®, I realized there was a market for a sleek, cool, compact bottle opener shaped like a key that would compliment any key ring.

Fast forward to today; the Brewzkey® is sold at nearly 200 retail and online stores throughout the US and in a handful of other countries. Since we are the original, many have tried to knock-off our design and add all kinds of features to their version.  Many attempts have fallen flat, though we must admit 1 or 2 copycats are not bad.  We purposely stick to the simple design that has proven reliable for over a decade of use by many of our satisfied customers who still have it on their keychain. It still opens their beer in a pinch (and we hear it opens packages in a pinch as well)!

Our MADE IN THE USA premium key chain bottle openers are the fun, yet discreet way to open your bottled beverages.

J. Clinton
Inventor & Co-Founder